Here are some of the personal projects I've hacked on over the years. Any new projects are usually hosted on GitHub.
A book I wrote about Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. Available Oct 2014 from Manning.
A CORS advocacy site, documenting various ways to enable CORS on your server.
A CORS library for Python.
My own personal "read-later" application (similar to Instapaper).
A Python utility to compare JSON objects or files.
A helper server for testing HTTP requests. Written in Node.js.
A simple LRU cache for JavaScript.
An bookmarklet that lets you queue up sites for viewing later in Boxee. It was written for the Boxee Dev Challenge, and was mentioned in posts from Boxee, Lifehacker and Fred Wilson. Boxee has since integrated a queue and bookmarklet into their system, so there's no longer a need for this app.
A Firefox addon to save sites to read later. Powered by Delicious. It received some press from Lifehacker, but has since been eclipsed by much better sites such as Instapaper and Read It Later.