Finally, after months of waiting and speculation, I got the Droid Bionic on Verizon. There are a lot of great phones rumored to be coming out soon, but in the end I wanted to be on Verizon, I wanted 4GLTE, and I wanted it now!

So whats my verdict?

I love it!

Here are some more details.

The Good

  1. The phone is fast and responsive! Seriously, I have yet to notice any lag when scrolling apps and web pages.
  2. 4GLTE - Chicago seems to get excellent 4GLTE coverage. I’ve been running speed test from various locations, and the average speed seems to be around 10Mbps. And I got this gem when driving down Lawerence:
  3. Phone quality sounds great too; I have yet to experience a dropped call or diminished quality. Those three points above address my biggest frustrations with AT&T/Edge.
  4. The screen is bright and sharp. It looks great in direct sunlight. Some users have mentioned seeing a grid in the qHD display. And I can see what they mean; every now and then I’ll catch it in my periphrial vision. It doesn’t bother me, but maybe it can be a nuisance for some.

The Bad

  1. Size. The phone is huge. My hand started cramping up the first day! (I'm better now, thanks for asking). I prefer the smaller form factor like the Nexus or iPhone, but sadly this seems to be the trend with new phones. I'm guessing they want to promote more media usage; the Bionic even has a mini-HDMI port, which I’m sure I’ll never use. I was worried that it would feel bulky in my pocket, but the is thin enough to avoid that.
  2. I lost my Angry Bird levels! Anyone know how to get them back?