There are a lot of choices when it comes to social sites, and those choices can lead to confusion. When faced with a new link to share, I wonder: where should this go? Twitter? Facebook? My blog? The answer is never consistant, which leads to fragmentation across those various sites.

My reason for listing my various lists was to consolidate and bring some order to this chaos. I wanted to figure out the minimum set of sites I could participate in while still capturing the stuff I want to share. The results can be found here:

Those are the nine sites I find myself actively participating in (more or less). Each has their own role, which break down as follows:

  • Blogger - This site you're reading now, meant for longer pieces written by me.
  • Twitter - For short bursts of thought.
  • Flickr - My photos, mostly just random stuff taken on the phone.
  • GitHub - For code projects
  • Rdio/ - Captures the music I'm listening to.
  • Tumblr - Captures anything else I consume and like. This includes random links, photos, videos, quotes, along with books I've read, movies I've watched, and songs I like.
  • Buzz - Consolidates a lot of the information above so that its all available in one place.
  • Facebook - I don't really participate on Facebook, but...

There are other sites, such as LinkedIn, which didn't make the cut. I have an account, but I just don't spend enough time on those sites to justify highlighting them.

Its interesting to think that I no longer host any of my own content. There was a time when all this information would live on a web hosting account; now its all in the cloud. Personally I like it that way; let someone else deal with the scaling and maintenance issues. I'm comfortable just maintaining index.html on my web host.

The sites above mostly fall into the categories I laid out in my previous post. Blogger, Twitter, Flickr and GitHub for "Things I Create". Rdio, and Tumblr for "Things I Like". The "Things I Want to Consume" category isn't exposed publicly, because who cares to see a list of things I want to do?